Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gulag Economics

Gulag Economics

Here is the problem faced by Cubans trying to live on Raul's gulag island company farm. Even though tourist tips have injected some cash into Cuba, Raul still owns the store. His store still produces fewer and fewer consumer goods every year. One reason there is not anything on the shelves of Raul's store is they are absorbed into the black market flush with tourist tips. Sadly, most Cubans don't have much access to tourists and must figure out a way to feed their family. So the majority in Cuba today are hungry, angry and envious of both the tourists and the Cubans who earn revenue from them. There is a giant crack forming in Cuban society and the majority are on our side now. Everything promised by the revolution is gone and they are third class citizens in their own country behind the
jinetera class and the tourist apartheid envaders.


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