Sunday, January 28, 2007

A Plan of Attack!

A Plan of Attack!
All we must really do effectively is employ a counter-marketing campaign using the Internet to separate the junta from any support in the world community. We push the fact that Cuba is a plantation complete with slaves both black and white. These slaves are forced to work virtually for free considering the average monthly wage of around 20 bucks (actually Maria C. Werlau corrects my figures and informs me the average is actually $14) is a cruel joke since it is in pesos which can't be used to buy anything that's actually available. We must let people know in calm rational terms that when a Cuban slave does not do as he or she is ordered by the master then the slave gets beaten just like pre-civil war America. Likewise, a percentage of slaves are murdered to strike fear in the millions of surviving slaves. When Canadians, Europeans and God forbid, Americans, vacation in Cuba we must remind them that the vast majority of Cuban slaves are forbidden to leave their plantation whether that's in the fields, offices or the shanties in which they exist. While the tourist lounges in exclusive luxury the Cuban slaves barely survives in filthy squalor and suffer the normal effects of this poor, unsanitary living such as dengue fever outbreaks and malnutrition. We should tell tourists that if they must go then they should bring cell phones, laptops and other electronics to just give away to Cuban slaves as compensation for supporting Cuban slave tourist apartheid Finally, we must send warnings to companies that do business with Cuba that they are financing the slave trade. Remind them that this slave traffic will not stand forever and once the Cuban people free themselves from their chains we will remember who helped put those chains in place. There is a great deal of anger on the streets in Cuba about this unfair scheme and when change occurs it is very possible these apartheid investments will be destroyed by the freed slaves in a fit of rage. Cuba under free minds, free markets and free movements will be an incredibly profitable place to do business. But anyone doing business with the Castro boys will be banned forever from being permitted to do business with a free Cuba. We should make exception for those companies that divest in Cuba right now. We are warning you today to stop beating Cuban slaves, propping up Castro's plantation and killing Cubans.
Tomas Estrada-Palma


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