Saturday, April 09, 2011

Today's Message - Start The Coup

When I started writing this blog it was directed towards Cubans to help drive the Castro boy's from power. But the more I researched the more I came to realize that Fidel was not the only rotten apple in the leadership barrel. In fact the entire barrel is almost completely filled with the spoiled fruit of our collective ignorance on good leadership.

Don't get me wrong. Most of you are not stupid. Rather, we all have been made victims by a massive manipulation of our perception of the world. It gave the rulers of the world absolute control over us. That absolute power to lie, steal and murder with impunity as always leads to the sort of cronyism, corruption and incompetence that we are experiencing today with such disasters as the Fukushima debacle.


I just shouted at you to get your attention...not 'cause I'm pissed off at you. I like you. It's our leaders that worry me. Besides all of the above nonsense that our leaders commit, the fact remains these nincompoops are going to get us all killed! Be they presidents, kings, prime ministers...whatever. None on this planet is competent to rule over anything.

They have had great press is all they've ever had which is why we've all been had. It doesn't matter if you're in Cuba, Aruba or Skoobidooba. Some idiot has an army of idiots telling you what to do as he runs the nation into the ground. What's a world to do?

The answer that comes to mind is a coup. Batista in Cuba is sort of what I'm talking about here but on a worldwide scale. Here is what I mean. The Cuban military of the early 20th Century was totally comprised of officers who were descendants of Spanish aristocracy who's family bought them their a military commissions. So the officers were rich brats who certainly did not have the respect of the men in the army. Batista used word of mouth to spread the word to the other men that their superiors were incompetent boobs - much like our current world leaders. He convinced the men to all at once stop following orders from these rich, powerfully connected officers who were most certainly going to get them all killed by their incompetence.

It's the same situation for us today on the planet earth. We are all being governed by fools. They are going to get us all killed if we don't do something soon. I suggest a planetary coup d'état. Just stop taking orders from the top and that goes for the beat cops and the noncom's in the military. Do not follow orders. Instead, everybody mind their own business. That includes ignoring the financial piracy of Wall Street and the foreign bankers. If we all take care of business at home and in our neighborhoods while ignoring the petty dictates from our respective capitals would we all not be better off as a planet?

Naturally this sort of planetary coup d'état was totally impossible - yesterday. However, we have a golden window of opportunity now with the Internet to pull off this planetary revolt that will change earth for the better. So spread the word while we can as these are the most important words you will ever pass on. Stop taking orders from our rulers before they get us all killed. Finally, stop organizing street protests to demand this or that from our rulers. Doing this makes them think that they are important and that they still have power. Simply ignore them.

Earth coup d'état!!!


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