Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reality Of Raul's Reforms

As usual amigos I must cut through the media cow pies produced for your viewing pleasure to let you see the truth. That being Raul's reforms and why they are happening now. Cuba's commodity needs have been exasperated by the globalista banker caused depression. Cuba's undocumented president has been given the ultimatum now by those bankers who themselves are so fond of the Chinese model. Adopt this model immediately or get the Egyptian treatment. Raul saw the writing on the wall and will let Cubans order Chinese take-out.

The reason the cabal of globalista banksters love the Chinese model is they only have to deal with the party bosses to get what they want from the people. The party bosses get what they want which is privilege, cash and prizes for squeezing the people of their wealth. Naturally, this will be a better life for Cubans because as it is now with the socialist-sit-on-your-ass economic model the people have a right to everything while producing almost nothing. Cubans are smart and won't work much for hardly anything.

The trick for Raul is the transition from the current commie model to the crony capitalist commie model. Millions of Cubans have been sold on the notion of rights being the same as needs and this is not going to be easily undone. Plus we all know who will end up rich and who will be the ten million Cubans working their ass off for a bit more material wealth but no more free bread and other socialists promised goodies. It's the Chinese model remember?

The irony here is at the very same time Cuba is sending out for Chinese, America has adopted the fascist form of collectivism. Our production of wealth has plummeted as society squares off into two groups under this model - those doing the policing which creates no wealth and everybody else trying to create wealth under this supervision and regulation that kills the goose that use to lay the golden wealth eggs. So within five years Cubans on the island may actually be doing a bit better than the average American under fascism. I say this because there are no successful historical models of fascism that function for very long. They have always collapsed into war and chaos. There is no money in either if they are happening in your neighborhood.

Instead the Cubans should send out for Icelandic. Iceland told the globalista banksters to take a hike. Their economy is growing now despite this cabal of banksters' threats. Cubans don't require the globalista banksters or the crony capitalists commie Raul Castro model. Cubans each have hands, minds, a strong will and an island full of wealth that could be efficiently harvested if only the greedy exploiters would get out of the way and permit Cubans to get to work - FOR THEMSELVES!

In summation amigos - please don't allow yourselves to be exploited by the globalista's in this manner. Raul is selling you out right now and I just want you to understand this. You will receive a bit more at first but in the long run this economic model is not sustainable. The more wealth you create the more that will be stolen from you. Wouldn't you rather be free and simply own your own time, body and the fruits of your own labor? All that Cubans need to share is the island and I've got a great way to accomplish this once Raul and the globalista's are gone.

Let me know because things here in America are getting a bit dicey. The secret police here could launch another 9/11 style attack any day followed by round-ups of people like me. So the second Cubans remove Raul and the Gang (sounds like a 70's disco band) the family and I will be heading your way to build a new life with you.


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