Thursday, April 14, 2011

Groping A Six-Year Old

What kind of people would grope a six-year old? First of all would you do so? I'm betting that most people will say absolutely not! Normal people get real joy out of seeing a happy child. I do certainly.

As a parent and now a grand parent I can tell you this about children. They are delicate physically and fragile emotionally so even the most well intention caretaker is going to see the child cry. Kids get cranky and have to have diapers changed and wait for food when they are hungry because it takes a bit of time to prepare their meal. They can't talk initial so we have to guess as to why they are crying.

One thing that children covet is normal, consistent interaction with people they know. Their parents advise them to avoid strangers and to never let strangers place their hands on them. Then they go to the airport and this is exactly what happens to the innocent little kids. Why would such a thing occur?

The disturbing answer is easily seen by whom the TSA screens. Their victims are almost always women and their children now. The government plays on the fears of moms so they will submit to groping. So far not one single grope has resulted in any terrorists being apprehended. The TSA avoids groping the men because it's obvious a large percentage of us will revolt because we find the government assault revolting. Someone grabbing me uninvited in such a manner is getting a broken nose. Almost every terrorist has been a young man yet kids, ladies, the old and wheel chair bound are the ones groped. Why?

Isn't it obvious? Our kids are being trained to accept total slavery. Haven't you seen pictures of slave auctions? Most times the slave are naked so the buyer knows what he's paying for. Naturally, all slaves must submit to the sexual demands of their masters without question so our kids are going to have to be comfortable with nudity as well as having people they don't particularly fancy putting their hands on them and worse. This is conditioning people!

The question is what's next? The answer is the kids need to submit to having strangers inside their bodies. It's normal moms. Relax because the TSA is doing this so your family can be safe flying. It's the only way we can be certain we stop those vagina and rectum bombs. Additionally, children who have visible breast must be fondled to verify that they are not militant Islamic breast bomb implants. Some may scoff that the government will go this far. They certainly will if we do not have the will to stop them now! This is all about a once free and independent people being trained like sniveling dependent dogs to obey all commands from our masters' and their enforcers.

Which brings us back to the question of who would grope a six-year old? The answer is sexually deviant perverts and people who will follow orders from their superiors to do perverted things to others especially when it gives them power over those individuals. Would you want those kind of people touching your children even if it were true that it was necessary to fly safely? The answer should be hell no even if it was necessary to make us safe. I'd rather walk to my destination carrying my kids on my back. Once you realize this is all a giant conditioning program to make our kids submit to the slavery of our masters you'd be a terrible parent if you ever flew again with your family.



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