Friday, April 15, 2011

Federal Government Is Beyond Salvation

Yes amigos - it's beyond repair. Fortunately the founding fathers, whom all of the modern opinion crafters trash on a regular basis, knew our current predicament might be possible. So they put in the Constitution the procedure known as a Constitutional Convention.

The founders knew it could come down to a question of survival between governments along with the people. This very scenario is playing out today. The federal government has effectively been hijacked by foreign powers. They have brilliantly parleyed this control down through the state and local governments using the federal subsidy scheme. All the state and local governments had to do was accept their status as inferior levels of government, do what the feds demanded and they'd get a pile of cash.

Now that the foreign economic raiders have bled us bone dry the gravy train of dough to the state and local governments is drying up. Add to this fact, the foreign invaders who own the Federal Reserve Board have overprinted our money for a hundred years as of 2013. This creation of price bubbles followed by prices popping when the money supply is briefly shrunk or contracted, crushes the weakest of us economically. The state and local governments have also become dependent on the fake price bubbled housing market that has been collapsing now for several years leaving treasuries high and dry. The federal government says don't look to us. You're on your own. They have their own problems. Number one is the fact that all of our federal income tax dollars go strictly to pay interest to the Federal Reserve Board and not to any useful project like roads, schools or fire fighters. Fortunately for these invaders still not enough Americans understand this form of attack and do not even realize it is happening. That is changing fast however and the invaders only have limited time left to do something to save themselves and complete their invasion successfully.

The corrupt federal government has already penned the new form of government we will have after the next emergency these traitors cause or let happen. Bad news for most of you governors and all the state legislatures. You will be deposed by presidential degree leaving just a few lackey governors like our dear leader in Maryland O'Malley who will reign over a number of states for the federal usurpers. If one only listened to the networks one might think that the state governments are just sitting on their asses waiting to be deposed by the impending degree...but you'd be wrong.

Actually, we are as little as two states away from calling that Constitutional Convention to no more than five states away. The magic number is 34 state legislatures making the call for a convention. A few states have rescinded their call for a convention but in a legally dubious manner. This is because of the nonsense that if a convention is called they will take away our Bill of Rights. But let's be honest. There is no need to even do this as the federal government has already done so. The big media and all the official experts warn against a convention. So this should be proof enough that this is exactly what America needs right now!

If your state is one of the stragglers in calling for a convention tell them very soon they will be effectively removed from office after the impending emergency is kicked off by the federal traitors. If they try to call for the convention at this time I doubt their authority will be even recognized by the federal usurpers and their puppet president. DO IT NOW!

We may only be days away from the next instigated emergency. Call for a Constitutional Convention immediately. The convention should remove the puppet President; dissolve the Congress and U.S. Senate; remove the Supreme Court Justices; shut the Federal Reserve Board; eliminate all federal debt to foreign bankers; eliminate paper dollars for state created gold and silver currency; transfer all assets of the federal government and the rank and file federal personnel back to the states in which they are located; form a commission of state legislature to investigate the past decades of federal high crimes and treason so that the guilty may be justly punished; and finally to create a new federal form of government. I suggest the state legislatures do the jobs themselves via teleconference and the Internet.


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