Friday, April 08, 2011

Colluding With Filthy Scum

This is a warning to everyone on the planet. If you are working with the U.S., British or other Western governments thinking that you will use them to grab power in your respective nations then you are what we call in America, "suckers." P.T. Barnum, who created a circus that staged various shows of amazing freaks of nature that was in reality mostly hype, once noted that a sucker was born every minute. It was what kept him in business. What it boils down to is people loved to be fooled as long as it's done in a flamboyant, charismatic manner that appears to deliver what was promised for the price of admission.

The cost of this ticket is a bit of blood in the street in the initially targeted countries like Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya. The gangs being armed in secret think they have used the west and taken their globalist guns, advice and in Libya air cover in order to grab power. Yahoo! They think they are going to be Urika rich. Once power has been consolidated you will be the new Mubarak's. Follow orders or else get a JFK intervention.

Then there are the suckers like the Saudi Arabian royal family that will conspire with the west hoping to keep a grip on the reigns of power over our biggest gas station. Once the other Arab gnats have been swatted out of the way and their citizens safely caged in all of the necessary mass media mirages of modern conformity necessary for total exploitation, you top oligarchs on the Arabian peninsula will be eliminated too. It will be a cinch. That means very easy. What in the world can be done to stave off the inevitable?

Well, in places now in open rebellion or simmering in places like Egypt, the people need to know that virtually everybody presented to you on a television, radio or newspaper to be your next leader is actually being backed by the banking globalists behind today's turmoil in the middle east. So refuse to accept any of these puppets. In September Egyptians should consider candidates promoted over these media monstrosities as possessing the kiss of death. Don't vote for them.

As for the Saudi royal family you will have only two choices. If you continue to align yourselves
with the Western oligarchy you will not only lose power. Many of you will lose your life as well. Did you notice how the former leaders of Tunisia and Egypt both got very ill and vanished? If you play with the scum you've been playing with for over half a century you are finished.

Therefore, wouldn't it be smarter to go out on top and be remembered as the George Washington of Saudi Arabia? Announce that your nation will move immediately to a constitutional republic of locally controlled cantons as in Switzerland. Decentralize control of money in your nation but make it backed by real things like oil and of course gold and silver. Forget about the money you have invested in western swindles as you won't see a dime of it. Hold fair elections and most of all allow citizens to own their own time, body and money.

I'd be more than happy to give you insight into the ramifications of these social and economic reforms that will allow you to live out the rest of your days in peace and be remembered by history and your people as wise, noble leaders just like President Washington. Don't you think you ought to at lease ask so you can make an informed choice? You are the lynch pin in this global take-over. Will you be dead suckers or live statesmen?


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